The LAR Value for Dealers

LAR – an extension of the dealership, and a true profit center for dealers.

LAR behaves as a one-stop purchasing department for new car and truck franchised dealers. This centralized model with all-encompassing supply options saves time in the purchasing process and increases efficiencies & productivity.

Importantly, because Canadian LAR dealers are also shareholders, profits are returned and redistributed, making LAR a veritable profit center!

LAR dealer-members therefore derive direct financial benefits by accessing products and services at lower prices and enjoying additional rebates and profit participation. While these monetary savings and financial advantages are clear, the program that LAR offers also provides tremendous operational advantages to dealers. These translate not only to higher levels of efficiency, but to additional savings.

Savings from Centralized Purchasing

LAR provides an integrated approach to dealership purchasing that streamlines and simplifies the purchasing process, mitigating the need to otherwise deal with dozens of independent suppliers. Purchasing through LAR is the dealer’s single port of entrée into all suppliers. The result? Time savings. Administrative control. Minimal reconciliations, less invoice management and fewer accounts payables delivers another big benefit: significant additional bottom-line savings!

Savings from Best Practices

LAR’s preferential pricing, rebate programs and dividend disbursements serve to democratize the purchasing protocols across all dealership, body-shop / collision, finance & insurance profit centers. Individual managers become part of a cohesive program that serves to maximizes volume across the board, and in doing so – drives maximum savings. Owners have peace of mind that incentive based purchasing temptations are eliminated. Billing transparency and invoice consolidation from LAR proves the considerable benefits derived.

Spending Analysis Empowers Profitability Analysis

Every business leader knows that to be profitable, revenue growth from front end sales achievements is half the equation. Equally critical is expense management so as to ensure cost containment and operational efficiencies. LAR helps to simplify the spending analysis for each profit center at the dealership  so owners can quickly and effectively uncover opportunities to enhance profitability.

An unbeatable Power Trio

Negotiation power. Purchasing power. Inventory power. These three characteristics define LAR’s intrinsic value proposition by passing along the strength of a North American products & services powerhouse cooperative dedicated to delivering best prices and highest quality products to franchised car dealerships.