Company Profile

Delivering products, services, savings and peace of mind.

LAR occupies a very distinct space within the automotive ecosystem. As the largest and most successful dedicated buying group that caters to franchised car dealerships, its only mission is to serve its members and deliver savings and added value. As the largest and most successful shareholder supported cooperative of its kind, it holds itself to the highest possible standards of transparency, integrity, and collaboration.

There is a perfect alignment between the goals of the dealerships and the objectives of LAR. When a dealer member procures higher quality goods and services at lower costs from LAR, both organizations share in the same success.

Access to a Powerful Network

LAR is an exclusive portal for franchised car dealers coast to coast to gain access to over 400 strategic supply partners representing over 21,000 products at best prices. Everything a dealer needs to drive their business is available through LAR. Having access to this powerful network means not only benefiting from tremendous purchasing power but also leveraging dedicated resources, enjoying specialized product training, receiving advanced exposure to new innovations and benefitting from highly practical solutions.

Best Pricing

LAR regularly performs ad-hoc audits against the specific products that an individual dealer will purchase, comparing individual prices and “total program” price differential. The savings through LAR as negotiated through the power of volume-buying and economies of scale are extremely significant.

LAR Dealers are Shareholders:
“It’s like I’m purchasing from my own company!”

Because LAR operates as a true cooperative, its sole mission is to help car dealers to save money, increase productivity and generate better profits. To access the powerful platform and vendor supply network curated by LAR, dealers become shareholders.

By participating in ownership of the company that they purchase from, dealers not only benefit from preferential marketplace pricing and additional rebates, but ultimately they receive dividend checks where profit redistribution is predicated upon purchase mix and volume.