Questions and answers
You own a car dealership or possibly several?
Then, you have the same needs as us.
You need a wide variety of services, products and equipment for each of your departments, and you even have to look to outside assistance for your operations?
Once again, so do we.
Consumers and the competition are forcing you to constantly adapt?
Same here.
You negotiate; you buy and negotiate again with an endless number of suppliers?
Same for us, but with an enormous negotiation power.
But then, who are we?

United we stand!
We are the largest car dealer buying group in North America. We are over 1,750 car dealers who have decided to innovate and combine the words: business and creativity. Our secret is very simple and the reward, you will find out, is surprising.

Imagine for a moment that you own over 1,750 car dealerships. What would be your purchasing power among your suppliers? And what would become of your profit margins? All dealerships know the answers to these questions, but not all take advantage of it like we do.

And we even have better. We created an organization which we are the owner. An organization devoted exclusively to satisfy our dealership needs: Leader Auto Resources LAR Inc.

We have gathered a team of experts to whom we confide a clear and ambitious mandate : enable each member to benefit from the power that our buying group can offer, no matter their size, their geographical location or car manufacturer.

In fact, LAR has become for all of us the extension of each of our services. By negotiating on our behalf and by keeping a considerable inventory at our disposal, LAR takes a load off our shoulders on both the financial and administration aspects.

You too can choose the right track. Each dealer who joins our buying group makes us even more competitive.

LAR's purchasing power
First of all, it isnít just a question of dollars and cents. Our purchasing power also serves to open doors, modifies our business environment, and allows us to make our rules rather than following someone elseís. In short, a strong purchasing power means you have a choice.

The door to profitability
Since you are the owners of the company, it is obvious that all the profits must come back to you in an equitable manner. The solution is extremely simple and is divided into two steps. First, all of LARís daily billing must show prices inferior or equal to those of the competition. Secondly, our profits are redistributed to the car dealers at the end of each 4 month period in direct relation to their specific purchases. LAR only retains a minimal administration fee to cover its operating expenses. The amount of the discounts, commonly referred to as additional discounts, is calculated directly from each of your invoices. As you can see, this is not very complicated to do, and all members receive the same treatment. Your profit margins can only benefit from this structure.

Additional employees !
LAR is nothing less than an extension of our automobile dealership. We resort to it as we do the parts or service departments at the end of the hallway. Whether it is information on new or current products or specialized services, the answer is just a phone call away. Even training is included; seminars for F&I managers, advanced courses in bodywork, new technology, etc.

Another important area to consider is the dealership equipment needs, which often requires a huge investment on your part. LAR has put at your disposal a full-time employee with over 35 years of experience in equipment technology to assist you in choosing the optimal solution, taking into account your requirements and your budget. Moreover, LAR has put into place a method of financing your equipment purchases to minimize capital outlays under the Leased/Buyback convention (Bank Capital "Sun Bank").

By offering a genuine integrated approach that allows us to reach our individual objectives, LAR has become the indispensable extension of each of your dealerships.

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